Oil Pulling – 1 month in

Oil Pulling – 1 month in

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1st of August I started Oil Pulling. If you didn’t read my previous blog post about Oil Pulling and if you haven’t heard about it, you can check it out here and here.

I thought I would give feedback now that a month have passed. Every morning (I missed just few days) I have been using extra virgin organic coconut oil in the morning for 20 min. I had high hopes as my fathers friend noticed big difference in a month.

Now, I didn’t know what you expect actually as I don’t really have any major health problems that I know of, so what difference could there be really? I expected the biggest difference was in my mouth where I usually bleed when I brush my teeth. I have also started doing a quick oil pulling before I go to bed. This I do as it helps remove the bacteria in your mouth.

About 2 weeks in, I got a white patch on my chest. probably around 1 cm in diameter. I wondered what that was as I haven’t had anything like this before. I immediately connected this to the oil pulling and I wonder what needed to get out of my body? 3 weeks in, I started get a slight rash on my back. I again connected this to oil pulling. Obviously my body is working to get something out of the system. What it is, I don’t know but it makes me confident that it is really working from the inside. The rash is gone now, I still have the patch on my chest, but I’m confident that this will go as well when whatever the body is working on getting rid of has been complete. I barely bleed now when brushing my teeth, so this is definitely working. Also I have to keep in mind that only 1 month has passed. This method is working on the root of the problems, which usually takes much longer than taking traditional medicine which usually just reduces the symptoms.

After my father and I started this, my sister has started, her husband and my mother. So let’s see how it goes with them as well when we get further into the process. I also recommend it to my friends and people I talk to. After seeing results myself, I’m excited to what it can do especially to my mother who has some health issues that should be resolved or become much better by doing this daily.

If you haven’t started or tried this yet, I would highly recommend you do! Preventing sickness is so much better than trying to fix it after you got sick.

To your health!




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